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Personal – a single portrait. A wonderful birthday gift to a friend, family member, a loved one, colleague or boss.

Pair – pair portrait. Portrait of two hostages to fortune. There can be you with your friend, a loved one or a family member.

Family – Family portrait. Make a gift to yourself and your family members. Family portrait will be a great addition to your home interior. This is a portrait of three people.

Exclusive – Exclusive order. Do you want a full-length portrait or a portrait next to your car? Maybe, a landscape or a portrait of a beloved pet? All this is possible.

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8000 руб.  
Photo Requirements
The most important thing is the quality of the photo, it must be a high quality and high definition photo. It is great if the photo was made with a professional camera. Sometimes smartphone photos are also suitable; however, we ask you to not send us filter-processed Instagram photos, overexposed or dark photos, blurred or noisy photos and low resolution or bad quality photos.
How long does it take?
Usually it takes at least 7 days to create a portrait. It depends on the portrait's complexity and overall workload. If you want to make an express order (express orders are processed in 2-3 days), the price will increase by 50%.
Approval of sketches
First, we shall discuss your wishes concerning the future portrait. Then you must rely on the painter's professional skills. We do not provide rough sketches, because portrait creation is a very complex creative process. It is impossible to influence it.
How it`s made?
Portraits are drawn by painters in a vector graphic editor. They are not created from photos by a computer. There is no program capable of creating such portraits. A computer does not understand warm and cold tones, light and shade, depiction of facial features, aesthetics and mood. Each facial feature (eyelids, eyelashes, lips, etc.) is created step by step and gradually gets its own colour.
Bad background on photo
Do not worry if the background on your photo is not a good one. It doesn't matter. A beautiful original background will be drawn during the portrait creation process. This background will make the portrait unforgettable.
Merge photos
It is a complicated issue. Sometimes it is possible to merge two or three photos together to create a pair or a family portrait. The problem is that different photos have varying degrees of luminous intensity, quality, size, mood, etc. Sometimes it is better to make two or three separate portraits. Anyway, you can send us your photos and together we will see what can be done.
How to make photo?
Do not make a 'passport' photo. A photo must look lively. Smile! You can act or be yourself - it's up to you. But you must love yourself and the camera. Make a lot of shots from various angles. Together we will manage to select the best photo for the portrait.
Add some detail
No, sorry, but it is not possible to draw a crown to this girl's photo. And no, we cannot draw a man's head which was accidentally cut off on this photo, too. Portraits are created strictly on the basis of the provided photos. It is not possible to draw additional elements.
I want portrait like...
You can always rely on the painter's vision and get an exclusive portrait. However, if you particularly like some colour scheme on any of the provided works, be ready to spend a little more money.
We demand a 100% advance payment. You can use your bank card and the PayPal payment system to pay for your orders. Payment details will be sent to your e-mail immediately after the issuance of your order.
Papa Carlos will pack and send orders via mail to anywhere in the world. Delivery price is not included into the order price and is calculated separately.